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about 1 month ago
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about 1 month ago

I see that there are the same 5 people active as well as me whenever I play, are there more players or is it just them?

about 1 month ago
Hey there

Alright I am the first one to post on this website's forum. (I know, it's like no one uses this). I'm a professional skyblock player with 1 hour of experience. My talents are cobblestone generator and professional miner. I know big boy terms like strip mining and tnt. I hope you can accept me as one of you guys in this community. PlEaSe NoTE : I uSE a  LoT oF sARCaSM !!! :)

about 1 month ago
Alright lets get this straight

You can't sell buckets of water? Why not? Nestle monopolizes water and they sell water. Can I start selling water bottles? Please reply this involves the server economy.

about 1 month ago
Hmmm lets discuss the economy

I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing so this is just minecraft survival on a tiny island in the boundless sky. As of this moment I am trying to acquire some iron for I am quite dimished in resources. I will tune back in once I have figured out how to work the economy and get back my previous skyblock achievements. I will report back soon. Wish me luck.

- English Major McDonald

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